Physical Rehab Center: Treating Physical and Mental Dependency With Non 12 Step Rehab

The traditional 12 step rehabilitation program was pioneered in the early 1930’s by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and was followed later by Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and other similar 12 step programs. The basic premise of these programs is that addiction is a disease that the individual must struggle with for the rest of his life. The main treatment tool of these programs relies on counseling through peer support in both group counseling settings and one on one mentorship or sponsorship support. Some people are able to rehabilitate through this process but most people find themselves falling back into the same addictive habits. Why? Because they haven’t treated the underlying cause of their addictive behavior; they haven’t addressed both their physical and mental dependencies.

Non 12 step rehabilitation programs address both the physical and mental dependency components of addiction. Non 12 step rehab focuses on the underlying cause of the dependency. This process enables the individual with the tools necessary for a complete recovery. Once an individual is rehabilitated through a non 12 step rehab program, he is able to move forward in his life free from addiction. This is in contrast to the traditional 12 step program which labels an individual as an addict for life, with a disease they must fight from day to day.

Non 12 step rehab recognizes that alcoholism and drug addiction are not diseases but rather temporary situations that can be resolved. Non 12 step rehab uses a scientific and medical approach to resolving alcoholism and addiction. Treatment is individualized and looks into the root of an individual’s addiction. The cause may be physical, psychological, neurological, or any combination thereof. Through advanced technology, which has come a long way since the 1930’s when traditional 12 step programs were developed, doctors are able to determine the root of the problem. Once the root cause is determined, the individual and doctor are able to work together to develop a plan of care for rehabilitation.

A non 12 step rehab program combines both medical techniques (e.g. brain scans) and therapy sessions in an individualized treatment program designed specifically to address the individual’s root cause. Biophysical rehabilitation provides a full detoxification process, helping to remove toxins stored in the fatty tissues of the body and stimulating neurotransmitter flow to the prefrontal cortex. Biophysical rehab and neuroscience technology are an important part of the non 12 step rehab program. Without it, as in the traditional 12 step program, threat of relapse remains constant in a person’s life.

Equally important in the non 12 step rehab program is the holistic rebuilding process of the individual’s psyche. It is important for the individual to know how he fell victim to addiction and how it has impacted his life. From there he is given the tools to take control and be empowered to make his own best decisions. With a full recovery, he is able to make addiction a thing of the past, no longer a part of his life.

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