Physical Therapy Raleigh Nc: Heart Attack and Stroke Physical Therapy

and strokes are among the leading causes of death in this country. Millions of people have suffered from strokes or heart attacks. Those who survive often suffer lasting damage. This damage can be minimized if the patient receives the proper care both immediately and during the recovery period afterwards. Stroke physical therapy programs are one of the best things you can do to regain your strength and coordination after a stroke.

Basic Facts about Strokes

A stroke happens when the course of blood which should be flowing from the heart to the brain is clogged. This is caused by the narrowing of the blood vessel or severe clotting of blood in the arteries. Strokes have some warning signs. It is imperative that you be informed of these symptoms so that you can recognize them in yourself or in others. Recognizing the symptoms early and calling for help is the best way to improve the chance of survival. One of the first symptoms the patient might feel is numbness on one side of the body. Garbled speech, sudden unclear vision or poor eyesight, and improper body coordination including clumsiness or stumbling are also early symptoms. If you see these warning signs, it is imperative that you go to the nearest hospital immediately.

Some individuals are at higher risk of a stroke than others. The factors that could increase your risk of having stroke are high blood pressure and diabetes. Obesity, excessive alcohol consumption and cigarettes can also increase your risk. People who once had a heart attack are also more prone to a second one, especially if they do not watch their diet. Patients at high risk of a heart attack are often advised to join one of the many fitness centers in NC or another group for weight loss. North Carolina weight loss groups offer nutritional advice and support for patients trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The Importance of Stroke Physical Therapy

One of the most important ways to speed your recovery from a stroke is a good physical therapy program. The therapist will move those muscles which were affected by the stroke to maintain flexibility. The intensity of the exercise program will slowly increase as you begin to rebuild strength and coordination in your muscles.


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