Private Prisons Undermining United States' Criminal Justice System

Private Prisons undermining ' criminal justice system
The United States justice system already emphasizes this element less than some other countries, and for-profit prisons actively hinder that objective. One private prison in Texas was investigated for diverting $ 700,000 from a drug-treatment program … Read more on The Slate Online

Letter: Why are states rejecting Medicaid money?
Fifty percent — a very rough guess — of the would-have-been-covered patient care will end up being administered anyway but paid instead through inflated private insurance premiums for state residents or via alternate government channels. … Patients … Read more on The State Journal-Register

One year, nearly 0M and a plan to improve drug testing: This Seattle
If you thought Seattle biotech Juno Therapeutics (Nasdaq: JUNO) had a stellar 2014 raising $ 314 million in private funding, another local company just blew that out of the water. Seattle biotech Adaptive Biotechnologies just received $ 195 million … Read more on Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) (blog)

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