Psychiatrist: 'There Has Been a Tremendous Amount' of Seasonal Affective

Psychiatrist: 'There Has Been A Tremendous Amount' Of Seasonal Affective
Dr. Norman Rosenthal, the clinical psychiatrist who first described the condition, defines it on his website as “a type of depression that occurs regularly, every autumn and winter, when the days get short and dark, though it may occur at other times … Read more on CBS Local

Counseling and therapy video collection gets 120 new titles
These interviews cover the full range of clinical practice, from working with couples and families to treating anxiety, depression, and trauma. Some titles include: “Angry Women, Withdrawn Men: Breaking through in Couples Therapy,” “Attachment Issues … Read more on News

Seasonal affective disorder and light therapy
For some people, this time of year—when the days are short, darker and cold—means depression that can interfere with things like work, sleep and eating. This phenomenon, called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), goes beyond the "winter blues" and can … Read more on Medical Xpress


Writing and Psychotherapy: Interview with Sarah Wayland – Sarah Wayland is an Australia Counselling member who holds the unique title of social worker and successful freelance writ…


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