Punishment…treatment Center, or JAIL?!?

Question by harmony: Punishment…treatment center, or JAIL?!?
My friends brother was arrested 2 months ago on some serious charges…in State. He seems to think that he is going to get off with going to a treatment center and avoid anymore jail time. He is a sever alcoholic who has had 1 prior DWI. He was drunk and drove through a 35 mph zone and 92 mph, dodged police and pulled into a parking lot to “hide.” When he realized it was a dead end, he smashed into 5 cars including a police cruiser trying to leave. He resisted arrest, and tried fighting with police officers. He only has a public defender, not a great laywer. I seriously think he is going to prison for at LEAST 1 year. Here are his charges….

Driving While intoxicated – a class “E” Felony as a second offense in 10 years
Reckless Endangerment in the second degree – a class “A” Misdemeanor
Reckless Endangerment in the first degree – a class “D” Felony
Reckless Driving – a class “A” Misdemeanor
Resisting Arrest – a class “A” Misdemeanor
Criminal Mischief in the third degree – a Class “E” Felony
Several different traffic infractions.

Hmmmm, “treatment center”? I really don’t think so, especially the how their cracking down on drunk drivers these days….what do you think, reading the charges??

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Answer by Earl
Don’t live in New york but on average if it’s his 2nd dui. and he’s white he’s looking at some of those charges being dropped and a couple years probation and at least 6 or so months in county. If he’s black more like a five years probation and 1 year in county. Either way he earned it.

Answer by Richard
Oh yeah, he wont be seeing daylight soon. This guy is obviously a danger to society and needs to remain in prison.

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