Push Behind Arizona 'Religious Freedom' Law Has Long History

Push Behind Arizona 'Religious Freedom' Law Has Long History
Two Native American men who worked at an Oregon were fired two decades ago for smoking peyote — an illegal drug — at a church service. They sued, claiming an exemption from the state's drug law, arguing that their use of peyote was … Read more on NBCNews.com

Business and sports require mental toughness
Star athletes and business people who are very successful tend to get special treatment from the media, said Chamberlin, and the danger in that is when “they begin to believe their own press clippings.” An organization that has core values and believes … Read more on Grand Rapids Business Journal (subscription)

New mine coming to Albany County
The South Dakota firm received its air quality permit from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality in 2010 and its land permit in March 2012. Wiebers said that once crushed, the limestone is as fine as talcum powder. “The fine grind is just … Read more on Washington Times

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