Question for Ex Pot Heads How Did You Quit?

Question by David: Question for Ex Pot heads How did you Quit?
I’ve been smoking for 5 years everyday and i really really desprately NEED to stop it’s seriously ruining my life, i already messed up enough and don’t need to get into it but above all i just want to feel incontrol of myself again. So i ask you ex pot heads how did you do it and i mean serious pot heads smoking all day everyday to 100% sober I’m asking this question on here because in real life I don’t know anybody who has done this (been an everyday weed smoker and now is 100% sober)

also please don’t tell me to get new friends, or hang around with just sober people I smoke alone almost everytime i smoke
@lal: you’re an idiot

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Answer by Lal
It’s not the weed ruining your life.. It’s you. You don’t know anyone that’s given up after being a 24/7 smoker cause there’s no need to. Weed makes EVERYTHING better.

Answer by loading
lol get arrested like i did :D

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