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Question by Zen Cat: Quote from Chirobase?
On Kalos’s advice I decided to read Chirobase, and randomly pulled up a page http://www.chirobase.org/01General/chiroquotes.html
Assuming for the moment that chiropractic is a valid therapy with real uses, why wouldn’t chiropractors be seriously concerned about the potential for a portion of their practice to cause injury and work to eliminate that particular treatment unless it was truly necessary and of significant benefit in a particular instance? Physicians do not routinely remove tonsils the way they used to. Cancer specialists compare the benefits of a lumpectomy to a mastectomy and determine whether the more serious procedure is required or more desirable in a particular case. But most chiropractors have a blind devotion to such things as neck manipulation and are unwilling to acknowledge its risks. This, to my mind, is evidence that chiropractic is largely a religion.
Does anyone else find this quote extremely funny? Best answer to whoever gives a good commentary :P

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Answer by grace k
i saw a chiro for a while Very good.

Answer by Lightning
I’m sure any Chirpractor would consider the risks of Cervical manipulation carefully before carrying one out.

No treatment is completely safe and when you compare the insurance premiums of MD’s to chiropractors, by virtue of the fact that the insurance premium is significantly lower for Chiro’s their therapy has considerably lower risk than invasive surgical procedure of adverse reactions from prescribed medication.

Unfortunately a small number of people do get damaged by manual therapy treatment particularly c-spine manipulations. With good training, testing and carefully choosing candidates for cervical manipulations these numbers can become minimal but are unlikely to ever be completely eliminated for the same reason as road accidents are unlikely to be completely eliminated. No matter how well a situation is assessed sometimes unusal unforseen circumstances mean accidents occur no matter how careful one is. Should we all stop driving because of this (you are actually far more likely to get seriously injured in a road accident than from Chirpractic treatment)?

On the flip side, Cervical manipulations are not ‘necessary’ but can be extremely efficient in improving the mobility of a vertebral segment with reduced mobility. There are other safer ways using manual techniques to improve the mobility (not as dramatic and efficient) and every chiropractor should know how else to do this. If there are any chiropractors blindly only doing C-spine manipulations when they have other safer options then perhaps they need to look at their reasons for doing so. If they don’t know any safer options they should go away and learn them.

Any system of health has a philosophy and that philosophy can be practised with the same vigour and evangelism as someone deeply religious.

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