Random Breath Testing for Alcohol More Important Than Drug Testing of

Random breath testing for alcohol more important than drug testing of
“People driving on drugs or alcohol or both are a danger to themselves and others and that is completely unacceptable.” Police did not deny that fewer alcohol breath tests could be carried out with the same resources if drug tests were also being … Read more on The Daily Telegraph

Expert panel addresses Rockwall area parents, teens on substance abuse
ROCKWALL/HEATH, TX (October 22, 2014) Local parents and students were treated to a wealth of informative and thought-provoking material regarding teen drug/ during the Community Forum for parents and students held at the … Martha … Read more on Blue Ribbon News

Kids and drugs: A lethal combination
On the other hand, they didn't think it was difficult to steer clear of drugs and alcohol. I worked hard on getting them … “At least once a year I use resources I learned to help a parent that is worried about their teenager,” North said. “I … Read more on Hanford Sentinel

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