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Teens Should Be Screened for Depression, New Guidelines Say

Teens should be screened for depression, new guidelines say
Using drugs to treat depression in teens has been met with controversy because could be more prone to side-effects that could make them suicidal—the F.D.A. has only approved two drugs for treating depression in teens. But a screening and … Read more on Fusion

A teenage Sydney terror suspect is being held in "awful and inhumane
"I think that everything about the way they're treating this young woman is unusual and not in the interests of justice," she told reporters. "There's a hysteria around the word terrorism that of course has created a situation where she is in a very … Read more on

Parental Anxiety, Depression May Lead to Fussy Eating in Kid

Parental anxiety, depression may lead to fussy eating in kid
Children whose parents suffer from anxiety and or depression during pregnancy or early in the child's life are most likely to become fussy eaters, finds new research. The results showed that by the age of three, around 30 percent of the children were … Read more on Pakistan Today

LiveHealth Online Psychology helps with stress, anxiety, depression
LiveHealth Online Psychology helps with stress, anxiety, depression. Missouri consumers now have a more convenient and private way to access help for depression, anxiety and other types of mental illness. Consumers can use their smart phone, tablet or … Read more on

Human Services Department Lists Agency Activities

Human Services Department lists agency activities
Naloxone (Narcan) training is offered by the Armstrong Indiana Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission, Naloxone is a medication that can reverse an overdose caused by an opioid drug (i.e. prescription pain medication or heroin). It blocks the effects of … Read more on Indiana Gazette

Why a psychiatric clinic is better than a loving family
But, as well, there is big difference between a facility and a loving family, (and the following applies to depressed and anxious adolescents as well as adults). If you are the only person in your home who feels no happiness and … Read more on

8 Signs You Should Try Acupuncture

8 Signs You Should Try Acupuncture
After devoting myself to acupuncture for three straight months, it's safe to say I'm an enthusiast — and that's coming from a cynical woman who once thought holistic treatments were a total sham. Even I couldn't deny that acupuncture was the only … Read more on Bustle

Join the raw evolution at detox and wellness center in Bodrum
You can find Turkey's first and only high-caliber detox center in Bodrum. First established there, it has now branched out to five other centers, including a new location on the beach in Türkbükü, centers in Istanbul and Antalya, their newest edition … Read more on Daily Sabah

Mother Fighting to Change Wrongful Death Rules

Mother Fighting To Change Wrongful Death Rules
"They never did find out exactly what was causing the pain because within 48 hours, they had overdosed him with 5 different medications that cause respiratory depression, every single one of them,” Porter said. … Jay Wolfson, a law professor at the … Read more on Health News Florida

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder, and How Can I Treat It?
How a shift in circadian rhythms can lead to the range of characteristic of SAD is still not entirely clear, Rohan says. Nevertheless, there are treatment options, which SAD sufferers can tweak and experiment with, depending on the … Read more on Science Friday

How Universities Are Helping Students With 'invisible' Disabilities

How universities are helping students with 'invisible' disabilities
The data for conditions was even higher: 10 per cent had been diagnosed with or treated for depression, and 12 per cent with anxiety. Many more had suffered, though: 37.5 per cent reported having felt at one time or another “so depressed … Read more on

THE HIDDEN TRUTH: In the workplace, depression batters self confidence
Following my diagnosis with chronic depression three years ago, a lot has changed. Last Saturday, in The Chronicle Herald Opinions, I discussed how depression impacted me personally. Today I'd like to delve into the impact it has had on my professional … Read more on

New Heroin Program Offers Addicts Help

New heroin program offers addicts help
But even with rehabilitation services being offered, getting naloxone patients into detoxification clinics or rehabilitation facilities has so far proven difficult. Of 150 naloxone patients that Barnabas staff tried to convince to undergo treatment … Read more on Asbury Park Press

Monmouth County completes .4M nursing home sale
FREEHOLD – Monmouth County completed the $ 32.4 million sale of its nursing homes and turned over the operations of the two facilities to private vendors. Department of … The John L. Montgomery facility is now Allaire Rehab and Nursing. Read more on Asbury Park Press