Returning to Indiana State Goal of Theater Student Battling Medical Recovery

Returning to Indiana State goal of theater student battling medical recovery
For theater major Meredith Wettersten, returning to Indiana State University this semester was the motivation she needed to battle through months of grueling rehabilitation after being partially paralyzed by a stroke. Her journey back to friends and … Read more on Indiana State University

The Treadmill Treatment
Stroke patients with persistent disabilities can also benefit from HIIT. As rehabilitation specialists at the University of Cincinnati wrote this month in BioPortfolio, stroke patients with residual weakness "enter a vicious cycle of limited activity … Read more on NDTV

Humor during blackout not appreciated by center neighbors
To my knowledge, we have no severely demented residents here nor any mentally disabled patients. Generally, our 50 residents are rehab people after a , stroke or serious surgery. Some make this home forever, others are shorter term. All are … Read more on Central Kentucky News

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