Risks of Drinking Alcohol: the Notices of Drinking Beer

Many people like to drink beer. In fact, drinking beer moderately can be beneficial to human body. Beer contains abundant sugar, vitamins, amino acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and so on. Drinking beer can supplement much water and eliminate weariness for human body. When we drink beer, our high pressure can be alleviated and digestion can be effectively improved. In addition, beer contains low contents of sodium, alcohol and nucleic acid. The absorption of sodium, alcohol and nucleic acid can increase the blood supply for the brain, expand coronary artery and accelerate metabolism.


Although beer can effectively improve our body health, it does not mean that we can drink it unscrupulously. If we drink beer excessively, the too much alcohol absorbed by our bodies can increase the burdens of liver, hurt the liver tissue and decrease the functions of cardiac muscle, which can cause cardiac failure. According to the research, excessive drinking can induce gastritis, peptic ulcer, heart disease, fatty liver and arteriosclerosis. We can be seriously troubled by the symptoms like inappetence and sour regurgitation. In addition, the calcium, oxalic acid and nucleotide contained in malt extract can work together to increase the content of uric acid in human body to cause renal calculus and gout. Therefore, we should strictly control the amount of drinking in our daily life. The experts advise us to drink beer less than 300 milliliters each time and less than 500 milliliters a day.


In addition, we can not always drink iced beer. The best drinking temperature should be 12 to 15 degrees centigrade. Many people think that iced beer can more effectively quench their thirst. In fact, there is no scientific proof to prove the unique effects of iced beer. The experts argue that color, taste and nutrients of iced beer have already been destroyed. What’s more, drinking iced beer can seriously decrease the temperature of gastric mucosa and induce stomachache, indigestion and even cold.


The last point to be stressed is that not all the people can drink beer. The patients with gastritis, gastric ulcer, colonitis and liver disease should not drink beer. This is because the weak gastric and intestinal functions in the bodies of such patients can not resolve alcohol in time and the poisoning of alcohol can be caused to hurt the liver cells and worsen the diseases. Pregnant women should also stay away from beer so as to keep the fetuses healthy.

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