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San Diego Substance Abuse – Discover how to choose the best San Diego Substance Abuse and . This decision could be the most important o…


Letter: Don't trifle with addiction treatment
Recently I saw yet another celebrity rolled out before the cameras by a CEO of a treatment facility. The client, Mr. (Dennis) Rodman waited patiently in his sunglasses, purple hat and scarf and bright yellow pants, while the CEO discussed treatment … Read more on Auburn Citizen

Will Philip Seymour Hoffman's death be a wake-up call?, by Sam Quinones
Police and rehab counselors say that many new addicts are middle-class white kids reluctant to venture to skid row or some menacing drug house to procure drugs. So the Xalisco Boys, as a Denver police narcotics officer has dubbed them, have dispatchers … Read more on The Keene Sentinel

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