Should Mom Enter Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment for Dementia?


Should Mom Enter Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment for Dementia? – The behaviors that are often associated with dementia, such as uncooperativeness, hallucinations, bizarre thoughts, and aggression can be difficult to manage…


Mental Health Reform: Virginia register of available inpatient psychiatric
“As changes are being made and examined, such as the General Assembly's consideration of lengthening the period of emergency custody, this online bed registry is another important tool to help ensure that people who need mental health help get it … Read more on Daily Press (blog)

Caregiver Depression Screening in a Specialty Mental Health Clinic
Many children receiving have parents who suffer from depression. Prevalence of depressive disorders among parents of children brought for evaluation in child specialty mental health clinics is two to three times higher than … Read more on Psychiatric Services (subscription)

MPs to probe scandal of THOUSANDS of children under 10 needing psychiatric
… for educational psychologists, social workers and early intervention schemes. We showed how 4,391 children aged 10 or under have received treatment for stress, anxiety or depression since 2009, according to two of the biggest NHS mental health trusts. Read more on

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