St. Jude's Huntsville Clinic Honors Pediatric Cancer Patients on Its Wall of

St. Jude's Huntsville clinic honors pediatric cancer patients on its Wall of
The family doesn't have to go to another appointment with a physical therapist.” Hours of treatments can be grueling for pediatric patients, but Russo said the clinic employees make every effort to entertain them while they're there with games, movies … Read more on The Huntsville Times –

A therapeutic fundraiser
The nonprofit pediatric therapy center provides intensive and innovative programs for children with special needs, including cerebral palsy, autism and Down syndrome. Proceeds from the fundraiser will provide tuition assistance for youngsters in the … Read more on The State


Strengthening for crawling | Hold on Tight! | Pediatric for cerebral palsy – Here, Alex tries holding a quadruped position (down on elbows and knees) for as long as possible, with assistance, in order to strengthen the muscles necessa…


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