Stephen Carter: American Optimism Waned With Loss of JFK

Stephen Carter: American optimism waned with loss of JFK
I was a fourth-grader at Amidon Elementary School in Washington, D.C., and for reasons I no longer recall — but not related to the assassination — school was out at noon that day. I was at the barber shop at Fort McNair with several friends … Read more on Dallas Morning News

'Sick' Obamacare Will Die of Natural Causes by 2014
The citizens of our nation are slowly going into a mental depression. Even a stenographer for the House of Representatives recently had a major meltdown right on national television. Obamacare, the national budget, debt ceiling, deficit, immigration … Read more on atlantadailyworld

Brains on chemo — living with cancer
Isn't it curious, though, that chemotherapy often accelerates aging, causes sleeplessness and depression, promotes fatigue and anxiety, lowers blood counts, causes the onset of menopause and requires powerful secondary medications to deal with its side … Read more on


What are the Causes of Depression? – Could you have depression? There are many causes of depression from environmental f…


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