Stroke Therapy

Stroke therapy
… healthcare professionals make it clear that such flexibility is rare. The care in hospital can be excellent, but when a patient is discharged little help or support is available. With better therapy at home, many stroke victims could achieve a much … Read more on The Times (subscription)

The Rise of Robotics for Physical Therapy
A person who has suffered from a stroke or spinal-cord injury might need to use crutches or a wheelchair as they gradually regain lost motion through physical therapy. But these patients could see drastically different effects strapping on a robotic … Read more on Journal (blog)

New Tampa rehab facility to open for brain injury patients
She has spent 20 years working as a therapist with brain injury patients. By RaeChelle Davis, Reporter … A new facility in Tampa will provide people who are recovering from strokes and brain injuries a different way to rehabilitate. One of those … Read more on Bay News 9


Stroke Rehabilitation – Moxis Reality Pt.1 – Transdermal Post Stroke Rehabilitation Therapy emphasize on promoting of internal self-healing of brain injury rather than physical exercise or mobility mana…


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