Stroke Treatment – Augusta’s Story – the Nebraska Medical Center


Stroke Treatment – Augusta’s Story – The Nebraska Medical Center – How important is it to get treatment right away when someone has a stroke? Augusta Urzendowski and her daughter found out when a stroke landed her in the eme…


Treatment of post-stroke depression is worthwhile
It must be taken seriously because it can slow down the recovery process. Depressed find more problems with activities of daily living and they also have an increased mortality. There is some evidence that treating stroke survivors … Read more on Telemanagement

Stop stroke with timely interventi?on
VISAKHAPATNAM: Stroke may be the third most common killer disease in India after cardiac ailments and cancer, but in nearly 80% of the cases, death or paralysis can be prevented if the symptoms are recognized promptly and patient is treated within 4.5 … Read more on Times of India

Only half of Niagara residents call 9-1-1 upon signs, symptoms of stroke
Calling 9-1-1 for immediate diagnosis and treatment for stroke is critical, yet only 51 per cent of Niagara residents make that call upon experiencing the signs and symptoms of stroke. Too many people delay seeking medical attention, potentially … Read more on What’s On Thorold

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