Suggestions for a Broken Femur?

Question by Benny: suggestions for a broken femur?
alomost a year ago i suffered a broken left femur in a car accident. i am a scholarship football player who is just aching to get back at doing what i do best. does anyone have specific range of motion/ muscle building excersies that could benefit me? all suggestions welcome

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Answer by a_blue_grey_mist
try the iyengar style of yoga

Answer by fabbitypo
Hi Benny
I tried and tried looking for ROM exercises after a femoral fracture but a lot of the research is on hip/knee injuries so i dunno.
I’ve read this study “Exercise Prescription for a Patient
3 Months After Hip Fracture” by Kathleen K Mangione and Kerstin M Palombaro. It mentions exercises such as bilateral straight leg raise, adducting and abducting legs against resistance (e.g. ask someone to place his hand by your thigh and you try to push against his force).
Strengthening exercises including the 8-repetition maximum ( the amount of resistance a person can push against for a maximum of 8 repetitions in good form), combined hip and knee extension in a supine position (leg press), hip abduction in a supine position, and standing hip extension.
Floor-to-standing transfer, stationary bicycles were also used. And that patient was also encouraged to walk (or jog) if possible for a distance on a daily basis.
So… I dunno, given that you’re younger and the injury was almost a year ago, I’d assume you can do more than that.
Sorry that it doesnt really help much but that’s all i could find in the past 30 mins :(
I know it’s desperate but you cannot strain it cos it may make it worse. My suggestion is that you talk to your physician and your physiotherapist so that they can make you a tailored exercise routine :-D Hope all is well!

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