The Art of Living Depression Relief Course


The Art of Living Depression Relief Course – This video documents the experience of a few participants of the Art of Living Depression Relief Course. This video is not intended to diagnose, prevent, tre…


Heroin overdose antidote: Who gets to carry it?
"Offering temporary relief without medical or treatment oversight will not combat drug use." Dr. Marcus … It does reverse the effects of respiratory depression and it's given fairly routinely," said Dr. Ryan Jacobson, the medical director for Johnson … Read more on KCTV Kansas City

The real life Cinderella was slave for wicked mother and siblings
Maureen didn't stop her, but Collette says that wasn't a relief. “I wanted her to love me, I held on to the … She's struggled to cope with the legacy of Maureen's abuse, receiving therapy and taking . Every professional she … Read more on

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