Therapy Startup Tunes Into Music as Rehab for Brain Injuries

Therapy Startup Tunes Into Music as Rehab for
Physical, speech, and occupational therapists replace doctors as the goal becomes helping patients recover what was lost and rebuild their lives. Increasingly, music is becoming one of the tools they use, and specialists like MedRhythms founder and CEO … Read more on Xconomy

St. John clinic celebrates 20 years of occupational rehab success
Instead, she chose to go to St. John Medical Center's Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Clinic, which has specialized in workplace injuries and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. In addition to treatment of injuries, the clinic also … Read more on Longview Daily News

Fundraiser will keep teacher on road to recovery
The UC Stroke team moved Terri to their rehab facility, Drake Center, where she started a vigorous regimen of physical, occupational and speech therapy. From the start, Terri began proving the neurosurgeons wrong. Each day, her vocabulary grew larger … Read more on


OLLH – Physical & Occupational Rehabilitation Center’s Christmas Party 2011 – Pinoy Henyo Game – Pair Number 3.


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