“There Is Hope — Just Do It!”

“There is hope — just do it!”
Currently, 74% of patients who visit their healthcare providers have undiagnosed medical conditions. Most of the symptoms are a culmination of stress, anxiety, and depression. In many cases, healthcare professionals treat these patients ineffectively … Read more on Western Edition

San Rafael nonprofit offers support group for homeless young people
"I have pretty severe depression that can give me anxiety attacks," Laidig said. "It killed my motivation to do anything." After couch surfing for many months, the nonprofit helped him find a place to live, paying for the first few months of rent. It's … Read more on Marin Independent Journal

How Easing Your Worried Mind Might Be Simpler Than You Think
Reuters Health reports that a new study from The that used data from 47 previous studies “found moderate evidence to support the use of mindfulness meditation to treat those conditions (anxiety, depression and pain).” As for my … Read more on Babble


Cmdr. Rob McLay on Treatment for Depression and Anxiety


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