Three Tips for Staying Healthy Over 50

Three Tips for Staying Healthy Over 50
Physical activity and regular exercise can decrease the risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, diabetes and . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend those 65 years of age or older, who are generally fit, and … Read more on Cedarrepublican

Heart disease differs between genders; prevention remains the same
CVD includes stroke, high blood pressure, angina (chest pain), rheumatic heart disease and disorders of the heart blood vessels which may lead to heart attack. In the past, there was widespread misconception that heart disease was a man's disease, but … Read more on


Key Advances in Stroke Rehabilitation 2013 – Kate Allatt talks about key advances in stroke rehabilitation at the Stroke Conference London 2013. Brainstem Stroke, Locked In & locked in syndrome.


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