What Kinds of Medicines Do Phsiayrists Prescribe?

Question by Sarah: What kinds of medicines do phsiayrists prescribe?
No I do not mean psychologist or psychiatrist. I mean a physiatrist who deals with injuries or back problems. I was In a wreck and have back pain and some anxiety issues now. Do they just prescribe pain medicine or do they also do anxiety medicine?

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Answer by Nulln
A licensed MD can prescribe any medication for any condition he can assess. It seems unlikely that your phsiayrist (or whateva) can diagnose your anxiety.

Answer by SGT V
I can honestly say I had never heard that term physiatrist and I have been a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patient for over 30 years. That being said I get almost all my health care through the Veterans Administration. They have both Spinal Cord Injury Centers and Poly-trauma Units were they treat those with Traumatic Brain Injuries and other medical problems. I found a link for you that I have inserted below that describes that field of medicine and what they do for their patients which seems to be a combination of Rehabilitation Medicine (Physical and Occupational therapy) and pain management. I sustained a “burst” (explosion) fracture of C-6 and when C5 & C7 compressed C6 and blew it away pinching my spinal cord and causing a problem called Brown Sequard Syndrome. In a nutshell I was paralyzed on the right side of my body and loss of “pain and temperature sensation” on the left side. Unfortunately as I damaged my cord there is no surgical procedure that will help me. I get by with opioid pain (morphine & Hydrocodone) meds along with antispasmodics like baclofen and valium. I have been to pain management doctors and had “trigger point injections”, TENS (electrical stimulation) units, and other semi invasive and non invasive procedures.
They use many different types of medications depending upon the needs of the patients. Some experts in pain management prescribe tricyclic antidepressants like Elavil along with pain medications to break the “pain-depression” cycle. Pain causes people to get depressed which increases pain in a vicious cycle. I am in pain every single day but whenever I have a “pity party” for myself I head to the VA Poly-trauma Unit and see war veterans that were blown up by I.E.D.’s who will never walk again and I realize in comparison I am very fortunate.
If you have a spinal injury it takes some adjusting to but the most important thing is to do whatever is recommended as far as therapy goes and take your medications. People who truly suffer from chronic pain almost never become dependent (or addicted) as the medication goes to the source of the pain and never reaches the “pleasure centers” of the brain. It is important to stay “in front” of the pain as once you are feeling it you are too late. You will get some relief but not the maximum amount. If I can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact me through Yahoo Answers and I will be happy to listen to whatever concerns you might have going forward. Please remember this… when it comes to SURGERY I would get a second and third opinion. I was hurt just before my 22nd birthday and 2 weeks before I was to separate from the USAF.
Best of luck to you.

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