What Would Cause Joint Swelling in Preemie Baby?

Question by Heather D: What would cause joint swelling in preemie baby?
I’m about to accept foster-adoptive placement of a preemie born at 27 weeks. She has swelling in one shoulder, one knee and one ankle… not all on the same side. The state says she will need “as a precaution”?

There are no other major issues health-wise. She is now at her original due date–but was born about 3 months ago.

What could cause this swelling?

(I have not yet seen the child, so I can’t describe what it looks like)

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Answer by RB
I’m not sure. But if the child was in NICU, then she would have medical records. I would ask.

As for the physical therapy, all preemies are considered for physical therapy “services”; it’s provided by the state/city. After discharge, your child will have evaluation done (i.e. neurologist, PT, etc.) just to make sure she’s performing at her corrected age. They provide wonderful services. By the way, my daughter was born at 29 weeks. She’s receiving the services provided by the state, because of her age.

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