Whats Up With “Light Therapy”?

Question by Matt: Whats up with “light therapy”?
My fiance is going to these light for her bipolar disorder, and has stopped taking her prescriptions. Personally I can’t tell any difference, good or bad, since she’s started this.. I just want to know what the deal is, and if this is a legitimate form of treating mood disorders/depression. Ive gone along with her to a few of these sessions, which basically consist of people sitting in a room while a florescent lamp flashes several different patterns over and over again. If someone is familiar with this at all I’d sure like to hear from you..

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Answer by Rebecca Morgan
Sounds like a huge load of crap to me. There is a light therapy that is used for seasonal depression because some people do get honestly depressed in the winter when there is less light but what you describe is not an approved treatment. She is being ripped off.

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