When Life Begins in Rehab: A Baby Heals After a Mother's Heroin Addiction

When life begins in rehab: A baby heals after a mother's heroin addiction
BALTIMORE — After a month of painful withdrawal that bunched her body into a tight ball, after tremors and diarrhea and sleeplessness and difficulty eating, Makenzee Kennedy went home to her bed in a drug rehab facility to celebrate a milestone … Read more on Washington Post

Treatment programs offer hope and help to Lebanon County heroin addicts
Fliers publicizing substance abuse prevention and other human-service programs fill a bulletin board in the waiting room at the Lebanon County Commission on Abuse offices at 220 E. Lehman St. in Lebanon. (John Latimer — Lebanon … Read more on Lebanon Daily News

We Asked a Doctor If 56 Xanax in One Month Is Really That Crazy
The drug is typically prescribed for anxiety disorders and insomnia, and is extremely addictive on its own. But when mixed with alcohol, the effects of Xanax are compounded and the result is a euphoric feeling of carelessness that can drive some people … Read more on Noisey (blog)

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