Who Offers Government Grants for Single Working Mothers?

Question by booboobear: Who offers government grants for single working mothers?
Most of the websites I’ve visited seem to be scams asking you to purchase their book and information. I believe if there are grants out there, no one should have to pay for this information or to apply. If you know of any legitamit free grant programs for single parents, single mothers, teachers, low income home owners, etc….please let me know.
I am a single mother with 2 children solely supporting our household on a full time low income budget. (TSS worker) Paying bills and the mortgage has become unbearable due to the courts terminating the support I use to receive for my daughter. Her father could afford a corrupt lawyer using her support payments, and I had to go bankrupt. I also qualify and am presently receiving food stamps and other low income help from utility companies, school, etc. My other child’s father is in and out of drug rehabs and prison, so getting support from him via the court system has been a joke for the past 14 yrs. Please help if you can. Thanks so much. :

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Answer by Landlord
It sounds like you are already taking advantage of the programs tax payers provide for you.

You are right, grant information is free. The government actually has a searchable database online for your use grants.gov

Answer by gefyonx
There are none.

There is welfare, WIC, and charities (who normally will not give cash).

You might be able to refinance your mortgage for some relief.

You may have to consider selling your home and finding subsidized housing. Stay away from SEction 8, but you can find privately owned, but governement subsidized aparments. They operate on a sliding scale fee. I lived in them for years and that is why I was able to succeed and finally get off welfare.

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