Who Thinks That Dr. Drew Is Full of It?

Question by James Casey: Who thinks that Dr. Drew is full of it?
I’ve seen addiction up close and personal (my family was full of alcoholics and drug addicts and now I work with recovering addicts) for almost 2 decades and Dr. Drew has to be the worst addiction “specialist” I’ve seen. Out of his “celebrity” patients, how many are sober now? Two or three out of more than twenty? That’s not a good success rate. And the way he allows the patients in Sober House to treat Jennifer is very wrong because he’s giving them no structure because everytime Jennifer makes a decision, he or his staff go against her thus she has no authority. Mike Starr does not belong in a sober house. He is still detoxing from methadone and he needs to be in a controlled environment. And Kari-Ann needs to be an institution. She’s got a serious mental issue.

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Answer by Bird N
yea, he’s just a medical doctor. never had an addiction. probably reads a lot about it though.

Answer by cmcvii
He’s not much of a specialist, more of a TV doctor, actor. If he won’t back up his staff he needs to get rid of them and on the other side of the coin the staff needs to walk out on him. These “celebrity” actors are off the D-list and just try to recapture another and hopefully last paycheck.

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