A Guide to Managing Bipolar Disorder

A Guide to Managing Bipolar Disorder
It is easy to be caught up in the bipolar pattern of symptoms and to find oneself chasing symptoms and the constant changes in the condition rather than proactively managing the illness. In this process of developing a systematic proactive management … Read more on Medscape

Two sides of one coin: La Jolla student shares story of life with bipolar disorder
What she didn't know was underneath the seemingly normal teenage behavior for that time of year, the early symptoms of bipolar disorder were starting to emerge. In honor of Awareness Month, Ana sat down with La Jolla Light to share her … Read more on La Jolla Light

Experts call for earlier diagnosis of bipolar disorder
According to the study authors, the substantial delays reported among those with prior diagnoses of alcohol or substance misuse disorders could reflect a failure to recognise the symptoms of bipolar disorder and attribute them to alcohol or substance … Read more on Medical Xpress

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