Adderall Deaths Question -10pts?

Question by Danielle: adderall deaths question -10pts?
did the people who died due to adderall die because they were using it incorrectly (aka snorting it, taking it without a perscription, or taking more than perscribed) or had they been taking it correctly and routinely for their adhd and suddenly die? additional information on adderall is greatly appreciated also.

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Answer by tainted beauty
they were taking it incorrectly

Answer by paintmeblue719
I don’t know how they were taking it, but I can tell you why they died.

Adderal affects the brain in exactly the same way as cocaine. Exactly. It is just as addictive, and just as harmful. (Interesting enough, it works the other way around, too. People with severe ADD aren’t energized by coke, they feel calmer and more focused) People are so stupid sometimes.. just because its prescribed doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you.


a) Adderal is addictive. Very very addictive. Psychologically and physically. It doesn’t matter if you have ADD or not. Talk to anyone who has been prescribed the medication for a long period of time, and ask them how they feel when they don’t take it. People with ADD become psychologically dependent – they cannot function with out it. People who do not have add become physically dependent. Before you tell me I’m wrong, ask anyone who has ever abused it.

Here- I’ll even back it up.

“Recent findings following the death of 51 patients taking the medication suggest that Adderall may be associated with the onset of high blood pressure, and other serious and potentially fatal side effects”

“”I think there has become an attitude that medications like Adderall and methylphenidate (Ritalin and Concerta) really aren’t dangerous,” says Dr. Carol Milam of the Vanderbilt University Student Health Center. This is a huge misconception that can result in serious side effects or drug addition.”

That one is on the dangers of abuse and dependence.

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