Addiction Treatment and Addiction Help Through Hypnosis


Addiction Treatment and Addiction Help through Hypnosis – Hypnosis has helped many people get past their addictions. Addiction treatment is a hard thing to go through recovery from a…


Dems stake 2014 survival on class strife
A Tale of Two Cities, for all of its cartoonishness, is satisfyingly agnostic, even torn, in its treatment of the idea of vengeance on the rich… It would strain credibility to liken the One Percent—a term he [ Mayor Bill de Blasio] used in … Read more on Fox News

Ohio courts must report mental health info
The law requires judges to report order when they order mental-health evaluations or treatment for people convicted of a violent crime or approve conditional release for people found incompetent to stand trial or not guilty by reason of insanity. In … Read more on Kansas City Star

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