Advanced Treatment for Opioid and Alcohol Dependence


Advanced Treatment for Opioid and Alcohol Dependence – Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Webinar: “Advanced Treatment for Opioid and Alcohol Dependence” Presented by Dr. John Larson Corporate Medical Di…


Food Addictions Believed Similar to Drug and Alcohol Addictions
A new research study has discovered that people who are impulsive are much more probable to have food addictions, and that this can become a dependence similar to addiction. Researchers discovered that the same types of impulsive … Read more on Guardian Liberty Voice

Anticonvulsant Drug Shows Efficacy in Treating Alcoholism
The anticonvulsant medication gabapentin appears to be effective for treating some patients with alcohol dependence and relapse-related symptoms such as craving, insomnia, and dysphoria. It also comes with a favorable safety profile. These were … Read more on Psychiatric News

Why does alcohol make some people violent?
Alcohol-related violence has been making headlines with increasing frequency, but not everyone who drinks alcohol, even to excess, becomes aggressive. In fact it's only a small minority, says psychologist and Stanford University substance abuse … Read more on ABC Online

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