Alternative Medicine for Depression: Alternative Medicine for Depression

Why would anyone consider an alternative to conventional prescription medications when either a single medication or a combination of medicines will decrease or eliminate over 80% of the time? This is a question many doctors and people who have experienced good results would ask anyone who is considering an alternative depression medication. While a compelling argument there are at least four reasons why a person might choose an alternative medicine for depression over a convention SSRI.
*Side effects – This is the 600 pound ill tempered gorilla hidden in the closet of many of the most popular antidepressant medications. Sure you may be able to teach the gorilla to count to 50 but if he has a bad attitude you might be in for a rough time. Some people get the counting gorillas and others get the one with the bad attitude. Are you willing to take the chance?
*Long term commitment – If your doctor placed you on an SSRI or other antidepressant medication and it failed to work as successfully as anticipated your physician might recommend a lifelong regime of treatment combined with a new and larger dose of medication. If done correctly long term treatment appears to be, for the most part, safe if monitored by your doctor, nevertheless currently researchers don’t have a clear picture as to the long term risks.
*Just not for me – Some people would rather try behavioral modification techniques such as behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, or interpersonal therapy before jumping headlong into the world of prescription medications for depression.
*Pregnancy or breastfeeding – There is anecdotal evidence and animal studies that suggest antidepressant medications may have a negative effect on the fetus.

Until this area is better understood many mothers to be, expecting mothers and nursing moms are opting on side of caution.
In conclusion there are many reasons why an alternative medicine for depression, a psychological self help therapy, or a natural herbal depression remedy might be a better option for some. For others conventional prescription anti-depressant medications are the best option. In the end it has a lot to do with each person’s specific situation and the way their unique body chemistry reacts to whatever type of treatment is selected.

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