Antidepressants & Self-Harm: For Those Under 24, Initial Dose Matters

Antidepressants & self-harm: For those under 24, initial dose matters
Among patients 24 and younger, those who started treatment for depression or anxiety with a higher-than-usual dose of (SSRI) were more than twice as likely to harm themselves intentionally than those whose … Read more on Los Angeles Times

Brain injury survivor walks again _ to graduate
But there's a mark shaped like a railroad track curving behind his left ear, where doctors twice inserted body fat to stop a spinal fluid leak. Asphalt is still buried beneath the skin near his right cheekbone and hip — reminders of where he landed … Read more on The State

View from the Grassroots – May 11, 2014: Remembrances of Mom
But she never recovered completely and bouts with depression or "sundowning" started shortly thereafter. She then had cataract surgery and after her eyes had healed, the doctors were dumbfounded over her inability to read the words on the eye chart. Read more on


Facebook and Depression – In this important video Scott deals with 2 sides of a difficult issue. Social media can be a depressing place. As Christians we have choices in how we act an…


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