Anxiety and Depression Treatment: Anxiety Depression

Mixed anxiety depression disorder is a relatively new diagnostic category that identifies patients who exhibit signs of both anxiety and depressive symptoms of some or equal intensity and which is also accompanied by at least some physical manifestations.

A National Comorbidity Survey found fifty eight percent of patients diagnosed with major depression were found to have anxiety disorders as well. The remaining stats were comprised of various generalized , panic disorders and social phobias.

Signs and Symptoms

Presence of a persistent or recurrent dysphoric mood lasting four or more weeks and accompanied by four or more of the following symptoms;

* Concentration or memory difficulties
* Insomnia or sleep disturbances
* Tiredness or low energy levels
* Agitation/Irritability
* Worry
* Teariness
* Hypervigilence or Overvigilence
* A feeling of pessimism or hopelessness about the future
* Feelings of worthlessness and low self esteem


Once mixed anxiety depression has been diagnosed, the treatment of choice usually involves a combination of medication and some form of psychotherapy, such as cognitive behaviour therapy. It can be very useful in lengthening the effects of medication and is usually provided by a clinical psychologist. CBT teaches the patient how to think themselves out of situations that may cause or worsen anxiety depression.

There is an array of effective medications available on the market today. Once your physician carries out a comprehensive medical examination to rule out any underlying physical or drug related causes, such as thyroid abnormalities, abnormal heart rhythms, vitamin deficiencies and side effects of prescribed or over the counter drugs.

With perseverance and patience recovery from this illness can be achieved.

Author: Natasha McLean – Mental Health Site
Title: Anxiety Depression
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