Cardiac Rehab Physical Therapy: Physical Therapy Jobs Outlook

The outlook for physical therapy jobs is favorable. Despite the unfavorable economy, experts still predict the demand for to be high. The growing elderly population is the main source for this prediction. Another possible source could be advancements in the medical field. More trauma victims should be able to survive with future technology. These surviving victims would need extensive rehab care therefore more physical therapists would be needed.

Sports injuries are another big source for the need of physical therapists. An increasing amount of young people and older people continue to be active in athletics. Sports related injuries continue to pour in. One of the most common ones physical therapists deal with is ACL injuries. ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament. It is one of the four main ligaments in the knee. The role of the ACL is to prevent forward movement of the tibia from underneath the femur. It is a common injury since it is caused usually by fast changes in direction, twisting, or pivoting movements, which is a common movement in sports.

A common job type for physical therapists are travel-contract positions also known as travel assignments. The length of time an assignment lasts for is commonly 13 weeks. Travel assignments are big in the healthcare industry due to ever changing environment. A travel assignment might be available at a facility for a number of reasons. A permanent employee might be pregnant and needs to be out or maybe a facility has a seasonal increase in number of patients. Nevertheless, there is a bright future ahead for physical therapists and there is a continue need for them.

TravelRehab Physical Therapy Jobs


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