Christian Colleges That Offer Occupational Therapy?

Question by Holly: christian colleges that offer ?
As I did some research for Occupational Therapy at a Christian college, I only found pre-occupational therapy. Are there any schools that just offer the Occupational Therapy five year plan?
Also, for the pre-occupational therapy does that mean I would have my B.A in it and then switch to a graduate school?

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Answer by Mary
I am not sure of the answer but the list of all OT schools are listed at the professional organization of OT
I am a PT

Answer by jannsody
St. Catherine’s University (Minnesota) has a master’s degree program accredited by the “American occupational therapy association” (aota). Huntington University (Indiana) also has an OT school accredited by the aota. However, please don’t rely on just on just one or two programs for OT as competition is fierce to get accepted into OT school. (I don’t personally know anything re: either school.)

A pre-OT progam is basically to take the prerequisite classes for a master’s (or doctoral) degree in OT and liberal arts while most likely obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Please be aware that those in the field have said that one doesn’t necessarily need to get a doctorate in OT (or physical therapy/PT) unless wanting to perform research or teach at the university level.

With regard to pre-req courses, please be aware that “human anatomy” usually does NOT transfer to other schools for nursing, allied health or medical school. Instead, most schools prefer that the student have taken “general” anatomy & physiology, so it’s best to check with the OT school(s) of which you’re interested beforehand.

Before taking pre-req classes for OT (or any field), please job shadow/observe in the various departments that administer OT, including *physical rehabilitation hospitals* that treat patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), spinal cord injury/paralysis, stroke (“brain attack”) which is a type of brain injury, other neurological disorders, hip/shoulder/knee replacement, amputated limbs or such – *pediatric hospitals* – *nursing homes/long-term care facilities*.

Please be aware that the OT (and OTA) has certain *liabilities* (risk for lawsuits) such as if the patient “falls down” or gets burnt from a heat pack while receiving therapy.

My cousin had gone to school for OTA (occupational therapy assistant), and it’s usually recommended to take “medical terminology” (some programs require it) and get certified in first aid and cpr (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

With regard to schooling, please do *avoid* those private For-profit schools such as devry, ITT tech, strayer, U of P, capella and others. Their course credits usually do NOT transfer to other schools, even if the for-profit school is regionally accredited as opposed to only nationally accredited.

Please instead consider the more affordable (and usually more reputable) community college and/or the state-public university as long as the program is accredited within the industry. Just an fyi that “American public university” is a for-profit school.

U.S. colleges (though please still forgo those for-profit schools):

For general career info: and can search.

The site for the aota:

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