Different Types of Therapists?

Question by NoOneYouNeedToKnow: Different types of Therapists?
Ok I’m thinking about being a therapist and I’m wondering what types there are like physical..etc. I just need an idea of the different departments I can choose from. Thanks for your help :)

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Answer by mistify
First are the rehabilitation types of therapists:

Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Language Pathologist
Recreational Therapists

Then there are the Psychologically based therapies:
Psychologist (Psychotherapist)
Clinical Social Worker
Neuropsychologists, etc (I’m sure there’s more

Then there are also careers that might be considered “therapists” or at least consultants:
Deafness rehabilitation counselors
Respiriatory Therapists
Child life specialists.

They are all vastly different fields from each other…

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