Dixon Police Program Helps Heroin Addicts Get Treatment

Dixon police program helps heroin addicts get treatment
Police will dispose of drugs and paraphernalia without pressing charges for possession. Costs for treatment are left up to private insurance, state funds or Medicaid, and rehab centers also sometimes pay for it. The idea is catching on among Chicago … Read more on WRAL.com

Nearly Half of Hepatitis C Patients on Medicaid Denied Coverage for Life
— Nearly 50 percent of Medicaid patients infected with chronic hepatitis C whose doctors had prescribed newer, life-saving antiviral drugs were denied coverage to the therapies because they weren't considered “a medical necessity” or … Read more on Penn Current

ABC 23 News Update 3 11/19/15
McMurray was arrested while he was on duty after meeting with an informant who was working with the Cambria County Drug Task Force and the State Attorney General's Office. According to Police the drug … Kitner says the minimum cost to repair the … Read more on WATM

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