Doublespeak on Women's Rights

Doublespeak on women's rights
One year ago, India went into convulsions over the brutal gang rape of a young Delhi physiotherapy intern. She struggled to fight the odds, but succumbed in the end. The young woman died against her own desperate wish to recover and … In the other … Read more on The Hindu

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa Unveils Medical Spa Partners
Poised to set the bar for a new standard of spas, Villa Stéphanie is directly connected to Haus Julius and located on-site at Brenners Park, adjacent to the main building in a private house spanning five floors and 54,000-square-feet dedicated solely … Read more on Luxury Travel Magazine

Lauren needs 45-minute exam break to properly reflect her abilities
“While she has a medical card up to 2015 and we are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses such as physiotherapy, there are no guarantees, despite the fact that narcolepsy is for life.” Out-of-pocket expenses for the Kavanaghs and many other families … Read more on


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