Family Matters: The Value of the Extended Family


Family Matters: The Value of the Extended Family – Hello and welcome back to Family Matters, I’m Dr. Mariana Martinez your host. When I ask a client “where is your family?” the answers vary from a description…


Top NECC execs to be released on home confinement
Cadden additionally was ordered to avoid excessive use of alcohol, to undergo random and, if determined by the court, to undergo inpatient or outpatient treatment. It wasn't immediately clear what prompted those conditions for release, and … Read more on Boston Herald

SBE Entertainment says Sam Nazarian's exit won't hinder global plans
Nazarian, 39, told investigators he would be working with noted local drug and alcohol addiction specialist Dr. Michael S. Levy and his outpatient detox facility, the Center for Addiction Medicine. The entrepreneur had already said he would step down … Read more on Los Angeles Times

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