Handgrip Device Helps Stroke Patients Access Hand/Arm Rehab

Handgrip Device Helps Stroke Patients Access Hand/Arm Rehab
… stroke patients for self-rehabilitation of arm function, a new study has shown. The device, developed by scientists at in the United Kingdom, allows patients with severe hand and arm impairment to practice exercises and … Read more on Medscape

Interactive rehabilitation device restores vet's use of hand after stroke
The second, randomized control trial of 12 individuals more than six months after stroke onset, found that those who used the device significantly improved more than when they did conventional exercises. Ninety percent of participants improved some … Read more on Fox News

Robotic glove could help stroke survivors
SCRIPT has been designed to facilitate repetitive movement and exercise of the hand and wrist of patients, both within the chronic stage of illness and after they have been released from hospital. The gloves are fitted with sensors that allow patients … Read more on Reuters

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