Happy Sue Year, a-Rod! Yankee Being Sued by Ex's Brother

Happy Sue Year, A-Rod! Yankee being sued by ex's brother
It's a new year, but the refrain is the same for Alex Rodriguez: more legal woes. The disgraced slugger ? who is trying to make a comeback with the Yankees after a season-long doping ban even as he could find himself called as a witness in the … Read more on

Opiate addicts struggle to escape addiction
Inpatient rehabilitation for a month or more used to be standard practice for drug addicts and alcoholics. "I can remember facilitating an admission to a rehab by only having documentation that the individual had insurance," said Donald J. McHenry , a … Read more on Insurance News Net

Why black folks can't breathe
L&O justified Nixon's drug war, harsh sentencing guidelines, the demonization of black offenders, and the preference for order rooted in fear and punishment. Law and Order spawned America's mass … As a child, he and my other little cousins spent … Read more on ESPN

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