High-Pressure Oxygen Treatment Can Help Old Brain Injuries, Israeli

High-pressure oxygen treatment can help old brain injuries, Israeli
According to the university, the state of Texas is considering funding the innovative treatment for residents who suffered head injuries as well as US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who suffer from post-. Ben … Read more on Jerusalem Post

Defying Medical Board, FDA Approves Painkiller That Could Be the Next Oxycontin
… up to a certain point, based on the number of Zohydro prescriptions they can convince doctors to write during the drug's first year on the market. "In Texas, I have six pain clinics that in a 15-month period wrote between almost 24,000 and 43,000 … Read more on Mother Jones

Graduate course to break down 'Breaking Bad'
Jackson and a partner visited drug users and dealers, rehab organizations, and city and federal police in New York; Houston, San Antonio and Austin, Texas; St. Louis; Los Angeles; and San Francisco. Many of the drug agents he met in New York … The … Read more on UB News Center

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