HIPAA Laws; Practice and Paradox for the Mentally Ill

HIPAA Laws; Practice and Paradox for the Mentally Ill
As mentioned, Echevarria's story is just the most recent installment in a long history of neglect and abuse of mentally ill persons who have the misfortune to also be incarcerated in prison facilities. In January of this year, the University of South … Read more on Guardian Liberty Voice

Balancing gun rights and still needs work
The federal government believed Colby Sue Weathers was a paranoid schizophrenic. It had information she was delusional and suicidal, unable to work and therefore eligible for Medicaid and disability benefits. One summer day in 2012, Weathers cashed … Read more on Sun-Sentinel

Controversy Follows UCI Scientist's Brain Scan Testimony
The facility allows physicians to use radioactive compounds to observe brain activity in living individuals, engendering research programs and eventually developing new treatments. But in recent years, … For years, Wu — who was the center's clinical … Read more on VoiceofOC

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