How a Paralyzed Man Walked Again

How a Paralyzed Man Walked Again
Nenadic and his colleagues set to work on doing just that in the summer of 2014, when they looked at California-area rehabilitation centers to find a fit and highly motivated patient who could serve as a test subject. One of the places they considered … Read more on TIME

Fort Myers orders rehab center to cease
Sovereign Health, a for-profit substance abuse treatment provider with facilities in California, Utah and Arizona, advertises that it provides “diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse, mental health disorders and co-occurring conditions for adults … Read more on The News-Press

A 20-Year-Old Went to Rehab and Came Home in a Body Bag
As Dr. Akikur Mohammad, the owner of Inspire Malibu, a high-end Southern California rehab center that boasts a former salesman as its admissions director, says, "When you are in a business for profit, sales is involved. We have to sell the treatment … Read more on VICE

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