How Can I Tell if I’m Taking Too Many Vitamins?

Question by answergirl: How can I tell if I’m taking too many vitamins?
I’m currently taking a lot of supplements in an effort to avoid going on medication for hypertention (runs in the family). I take an Omega 3, Calcium with Magnesium, Cq10, a Multi, an Evening Primrose Oil and a B complex. Am I doing too much? Missing anything?

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Answer by carobygirl
vitamin d, antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory supplement (zyflamend)

Answer by ladybuglovesderek
I thought I had to take a lot of vitamins also but when I happen to mention to my doctor what I was taking he said most people do not need to take anything extra except a multi. He checked to make sure everything else was good. Normal healthy people get most of their vitamins through eating. The only thing I would take is vitamin C during the winter. Make sure you eat your veggies and you should fine.

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