How Did North Carolina's Representatives Vote Last Week?

How did North Carolina's representatives vote last week?
The bill would authorize the Homeland Security Department's National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center to exchange information relating to cybersecurity with private firms and non-federal government entities. The vote, on Thursday … Read more on Greensboro News & Record

Lease Purchase Failed Before—Can It Work Now?
On the other hand, Self-Help, a high-performing community development financial institution, launched a lease-purchase pilot in Charlotte, North Carolina, early in the foreclosure crisis. The program failed to generate as much demand as anticipated … Read more on

Ups and Downs: Cattle crime; fairway fundraiser; and DOT is on the right track
And THUMBS UP to Mrs. North Carolina, Christy Hinnant, who visited the job fair this week to sing the praises of military veterans and tout them to hiring employers. The event, sponsored by the Times-News, drew about three dozen vendors and … Read more on Burlington Times News

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