How Do I Regain My Self-esteem/Self-Confidence?

Question by Paitience: How do i regain my Self-esteem/Self-confidence?
There is this girl at my school, shes friends with everybody and she hates and constantly insults me. its gotten to the point where i am scared to walk in the halls be i nthe same hall as her. Can anyone give me a way to regain the confidence she took away from me?
It would really be appreciated.

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Answer by xox.Ginny Weasley.xox
Hey, I bet she likes you .

Reember this Sticks and Stones can brake your bones but words can never hurt you.

Who cares what she says ignore her. Everyoe has that person in there lives and eventually you learn to deal with it ,

Well good luck .

Answer by cheeky
That girl has something wrong with her if she constantly only insults you. Just ignore her and pretend you don’t hear her, but don’t insult back because people may think you are very mean.

Hope this helps!!! Good Luck! :)

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